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Jorge Bernhardt

Welcome to my website! My goal is to help you optimize your IT infrastructure with expert advice and timely updates. If you find my content valuable, share it with your colleagues and friends!

Latest Posts

Terraform - Deploying Azure Resource Locks
·1144 words·6 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Terraform Microsoft Azure Azure Resource Locks IaC
Hi! Did you know that Azure Resource Locks can provide an extra layer of protection for your resources in case of accidental changes or deletions? And best of all, we can deploy them using Terraform.
Bicep - Practical Use Cases of String Functions in Azure Deployments
·791 words·4 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Microsoft Microsoft Azure Bicep Bicep Functions
Bicep is a language specifically designed for deploying Azure resources and offers a more user-friendly syntax than JSON. One of the cool features of Bicep is its built-in functions that allow performing a variety of operations and manipulations on data while creating Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.
Terraform - Deploy Azure Bastion into Virtual Network
·1532 words·8 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Terraform Microsoft Azure IaC Azure Bastion
Hi there! In a previous article, we discussed the deployment of an Azure Bastion host in an existing Virtual Network (VNet) using Azure CLI and PowerShell. While those methods are effective, there’s an opportunity to simplify the entire process.
Bicep - Deploy an Azure Active Directory B2C Tenant
·903 words·5 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Azure CLI Azure Cloud Shell AzureB2C Microsoft
Bicep promises more efficient resource management, but there are notable challenges when working with Azure B2C. From customizing certain tenant properties to retrieving detailed information, we must face limitations. This post will show you how to create an Azure B2C resource with Bicep, identify current limitations, and find potential solutions.
Terraform - Deploy and manage Subscription Budgets
·1003 words·5 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Budgets Microsoft Microsoft Azure Terraform
Hi! Today, I’d like to share a helpful tip on how you can efficiently manage your Azure resources and services while keeping your cloud spending in check. With Azure Budgets, you can easily set budget thresholds and receive alerts to monitor your costs proactively.