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Terraform - Deploy and manage Subscription Budgets
·1003 words·5 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Budgets Microsoft Microsoft Azure Terraform
Hi! Today, I’d like to share a helpful tip on how you can efficiently manage your Azure resources and services while keeping your cloud spending in check. With Azure Budgets, you can easily set budget thresholds and receive alerts to monitor your costs proactively.
Bicep - Assigning Azure Policy Initiatives to Enforce Compliance
·800 words·4 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Azure CLI Azure Cloud Shell Microsoft Microsoft Azure
Hi all! Today I want to talk to you about “Policy as Code” Just as “Infrastructure as Code” changed how we handle infrastructure deployment, “Policy as Code” gives us consistency, traceability, and rapid implementation in policy management.
Bicep - Deploy a Subscription Budget using Azure CLI
·738 words·4 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Azure CLI Azure Cloud Shell Budgets Microsoft
Managing your resources and services costs is crucial to your Azure subscriptions’ governance. That’s where Azure Budgets comes in. Azure Budgets helps us manage our cloud costs by setting spending limits.