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How to configure RDP properties for a Host Pool - Summary

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In this article, I want to summarize all the information I’ve posted about configuring RDP properties for an Azure virtual desktop environment. First, I will start by indicating which properties are already established by default when creating a host pool. I have grouped them similarly as they are presented in the Azure portal.

Default RDP properties>

Default RDP properties #

The RDP files have the following properties set by default:

EnableCredssp: Enabled

  • enablecredsspsupport:i:1

Video playback: Enabled

  • videoplaybackmode:i:1

Redirections enabled:

  • Drives - drivestoredirect:s:*
  • Clipboard - redirectclipboard:i:1
  • Printers - redirectprinters:i:1
  • COM ports - redirectcomports:i:1
  • Smart cards - redirectsmartcards:i:1
  • Devices - devicestoredirect:s:*
  • usbdevicestore - usbdevicestoredirect:s:*

Audio Mode: Local Playback

  • audiomode:i:0

Multi-monitor mode: enabled

  • use multimon:i:1
Custom RDP properties>

Custom RDP properties #

For custom properties, under each property group, you have a link to my article where I explain how to use PowerShell and the Azure CLI to customize RDP properties for Azure Virtual Desktop host pools.

Connection information>

Connection information #

Session behavior>

Session behavior #

Device redirection>

Device redirection #

Audio and Video>

Audio and Video #

Local device and resources>

Local device and resources #

Display settings>

Display settings #


Advanced #

In this section, in the Azure portal, you can configure all your RDP properties by separating each property:value with the character “;” as shown in the following screenshot.

custom RDP properties
Thanks for reading my post. I hope you find it helpful, and if you like this type of publication, let me know. Check out this link to learn more about supported RDP settings.