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How to rename a Network Adapter using Rename-NetAdapter cmdlet
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Get-NetAdapter Microsoft Microsoft Windows PowerShell
Today I want to show you how to rename network interfaces using the Rename-NetAdapter cmdlet. It is a good practice to change the name of the network interfaces to facilitate the management of servers with several network cards.
How to disable IPv6 on network adapter using PowerShell
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Disable-NetAdapterBinding Get-NetAdapter Get-NetAdapterBinding Microsoft
IPv6 is enabled by default in Windows, but sometimes you have a reason you need to disable IPv6. In this post, I want to show you how to do it using PowerShell.
How to set primary and secondary DNS server addresses with PowerShell
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DNS Enter-PSSession Get-DnsClientServerAddress Get-Help
In this post, I want to show how to configure your computer’s primary and secondary DNS servers using PowerShell. In this case, we will use the Set-DnsClientServerAddress cmdlet. The workaround in a local computer: The Get-NetAdapter cmdlet obtains the basic properties of the network adapter.