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How to relocate Hyper-V VM files to another location
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Microsoft Microsoft Windows Move-VMStorage Storage
Either because your storage device begins to run out of space, or you simply need to reorganize the files of your virtual machines it is often necessary to move the storage of our virtual machines to a new location.
How to Implement Nested Virtualization in Windows Server
·314 words·2 mins· 100 views · 5 likes
Get-VMProcessor Microsoft Microsoft Windows PowerShell
Hi, Today, I want to show you how to implement nested virtualization in Windows Server. This feature is helpful for testing and training purposes (such as preparing for a certification exam).
How to use Hyper-V Resource Metering
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Disable-VMResourceMetering Enable-VMResourceMetering Measure-VM Microsoft
If you want to track the use of a virtual machine in your Hyper-v environment. This blog post may interest you. Resource metering uses PowerShell cmdlets to track various performance metrics for individuals VMs, such as: