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Passed Microsoft Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

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Last Monday, I passed the Microsoft AZ-500 exam: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. And I can now finally call myself a Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate. I am really happy it was hard work but I think it was worth it. As an Azure administrator, I believe that it is essential to know all the tools and services that Azure provides to protect our resources in order to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, as well as implement threats protection and know-how to properly respond to security incidents. If you plan to take this exam, you must be familiar with scripting and automation task, you must have deep understanding of networking and virtualization and above all you should be very familiar with the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud and Microsoft Azure products and services.

How to prepare for the exam>

How to prepare for the exam #

To prepare for the exam I have used different resources such as training portals, online courses, and reading material. Below I will show you those resources and the time I dedicated to each of them.

Microsoft Learn>

Microsoft Learn #

One of the sources that I have consulted has been Microsoft Learn, this new educational platform is just great and comes to replace the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). On this platform, complete the following learning paths:

  • Secure your cloud applications in Azure (5h 36m).
  • Implement resource management security in Azure (4h 16m).
  • Manage identity and access in Azure Active Directory (6h 8m).
  • Implement network security in Azure (5h 27m).
  • Implement virtual machine host security in Azure (6h 4m).
  • Manage security operations in Azure (6h 51m).
Pluralsight courses>

Pluralsight courses #

Another source that you can use to reinforce the concepts is to take the Pluralsight courses, in special the following courses:

  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer (42h 34m).
  • Managing Microsoft Azure Identity and Security (19h 9m).
Microsoft Press - ebook>

Microsoft Press - ebook #

As for the reading material, I have used the Microsoft Azure Security Center ebook. I hope this information will be useful. If you want to know more about the AZ-500 exam, check out this link: