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How to prepare the Microsoft Exam AZ-900

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AZ-900 Certification Certifications Microsoft

In the last weeks, I have received many questions about how I prepared for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-900. That’s why today I want to tell you in this article, the pages I consulted and the courses I have taken to prepare for the exam.

Microsoft Learn>

Microsoft Learn #

One of the sources consulted has been Microsoft Learn, this new education platform is simply great and comes to replace the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA).On this platform, I did the following courses:

Azure fundamentals This course lasts approximately 10 hours and consists of the following 12 modules:

  • Cloud Concepts - Principles of cloud computing
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Azure architecture and service guarantees
  • Create an Azure account
  • Manage services with the Azure portal
  • Azure compute options
  • Azure data storage options
  • Core Cloud Services - Azure networking options
  • Security, responsibility, and trust in Azure
  • Apply and monitor infrastructure standards with Azure Policy
  • Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager
  • Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure
Microsoft Azure Essentials - ebook>

Microsoft Azure Essentials - ebook #

A few years ago I read edition one of this ebook, this updated edition mixes the theoretical concepts of cloud computing and basic practices on the creation, configuration, and administration of Azure components.

Pluralsight courses>

Pluralsight courses #

An extra tip, another source that you can use to reinforce the concepts is to take the Pluralsight courses, in special the following courses:

  • Managing Microsoft Azure Subscriptions
  • Using Microsoft Azure Resource Groups
  • Configuring Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Managing Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

I hope this information will be useful.

If you want to know more about the exam, check out this link.