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Azure AD


Bicep - Deploying Microsoft Sentinel with Azure AD Connector
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Microsoft Sentinel Azure CLI Microsoft Microsoft Azure
Hi there! As you know, Microsoft Sentinel is an advanced SIEM tool that provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s security landscape. One of its superpowers comes from its integration with Azure AD connector.


How to convert an Azure AD B2B user from guest to member
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Azure AD Connect-MsolService Get-MsolUser Import-Module
By default, when an Azure AD B2B collaboration user is added to a tenant, the UserType property of the user is set to “Guest.” However, it may be the case that the host organization wants to treat the invited user as a member rather than a guest.
How to set the Password Expiration Policy in Microsoft 365
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Azure AD Connect-MsolService Get-MsolPasswordPolicy Import-Module
If you have not yet implemented any identity protection mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), or to satisfy your company’s security regulations, you should establish a password expiration policy. In that case, this article will interest you.
How to create an Azure Service Principal with Password
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Azure AD Azure CLI Azure Cloud Shell Azure PowerShell
Hello, guys. Today I want to show you how to create a service principal using PowerShell and Azure CLI. In case you don’t know, an Azure service identity is an identity that is created in Azure AD and associated with an application.