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Passed Microsoft Exam AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

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Last Monday, I passed the Microsoft AZ-140 exam: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Configuration and Operation. And with that exam, I earned the Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty Certification. If you plan to take this exam, you must have experience in Azure technologies; My recommendation is to already have the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification before taking this exam. It would also be better to understand local virtual desktop infrastructure technologies. And, of course, you must know how to use ARM templates to perform resource deployment.

How to prepare for the exam>

How to prepare for the exam #

To prepare for the exam, I have used different training portals, online courses, and reading material. Below I will show you those resources and the time I dedicated to each of them.

Microsoft Learn>

Microsoft Learn #

One of the sources that I have consulted has been Microsoft Learn; this new educational platform is awesome and is an excellent starting point to learn and start your certification journey. On this platform, complete the following learning paths:

  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop (28m).
  • Prepare for Azure Virtual Desktop (32m).
  • Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop (34m).
  • Optimize Azure Virtual Desktop (24m).
  • Secure an Azure Virtual Desktop deployment (56m).
  • Deploy applications by using MSIX app attach for Azure Virtual Desktop (54m).
Microsoft Mechanics>

Microsoft Mechanics #

In the youtube channel of Microsoft Mechanics, you will find a very interesting playlist about Azure Virtual Desktop.

Pluralsight courses>

Pluralsight courses #

Another source that you can use to reinforce the concepts is to take the Pluralsight courses, in special the following courses:

  • Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure (10h 49m).
A cloud Guru Courses>

A cloud Guru Courses #

I have taken the following courses on the ACG learning platform:

  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop (3h 10m).
My Tips>

My Tips #

  • Take your time to cover all the topics included in the exam.
  • Open an Azure account and test, research the capabilities of the resources and check the available features.
  • Use templates to deploy test environments more quickly.

I hope this information will be useful. If you want to know more about the AZ-140 exam, check out this link.