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How to Create and Manage Shared Mailboxes
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Add-MailboxPermission Add-RecipientPermission Connect-ExchangeOnline Exchange Online
Happy New Year everyone, life is short - let’s dream big and make the most of 2022! In the year’s first article, I want to show you how to create shared mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange Online and perform the most common administrative tasks using Powershell.


How to change Azure Premium Disk Performance tiers without downtime
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Azure CLI Azure Cloud Shell Azure PowerShell Connect-AzAccount
On Azure Premium disks, we can change the performance tier even when it is connected to running virtual machines. With Premium SSD performance tiers, we have the flexibility to scale drive performance without increasing the size of the drive by selecting a higher performance tier and returning it to its original performance tier, allowing us to fine-tune the performance to our needs and save money.
How to convert an Azure AD B2B user from guest to member
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Azure AD Connect-MsolService Get-MsolUser Import-Module
By default, when an Azure AD B2B collaboration user is added to a tenant, the UserType property of the user is set to “Guest.” However, it may be the case that the host organization wants to treat the invited user as a member rather than a guest.