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How to become a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

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Azure DevOps Certification Certifications Microsoft

In the last weeks, I received many questions regarding how to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-400. That is why today I want to tell you in this post, my journey and tips to reach that goal. Important: If you want to earn this certification, you must first pass one of the following exams:

How to prepare for the exam>

How to prepare for the exam #

To prepare for the exam I have used different resources such as training portals, online courses, and reading material. Below I will show you those resources and the time I dedicated to each of them.

Microsoft Learn>

Microsoft Learn #

One of the sources consulted has been Microsoft Learn, this new education platform is simply great and comes to replace the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA).On this platform, I did the followings Learning Path:

  • Evolve your DevOps practices (1h 57m).
  • Build applications with Azure DevOps (6h 45m).
  • Deploy applications with Azure DevOps (8h 51m).
  • Automate your deployments with Azure DevOps (4h 6m).
  • Capture feedback and monitoring data to continuously improve your software (1h 46m).
Pluralsight courses>

Pluralsight courses #

Another source that you can use to reinforce the concepts is to take the Pluralsight courses, in special the following courses:

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer (33h 48m).
  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps With Azure DevOps (7h 50m).> #

Excellent Azure DevOps course with an excellent combination of hands-on labs and high-quality material. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning DevOps at a deeper level.

Packt Publishing - ebook>

Packt Publishing - ebook #

As for reading material, I have used the book: Learning DevOps. A very dynamic book and focused on the practical aspect.

I hope this information will be useful.

If you want to know more about Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, check out this link.